Archivo por días: 6 agosto, 2008

Renaissance England

Cristian Sánchez-Bayton Griffith
Álvaro García del Valle Matínez


Renaissance means re-birth. From about 1500 to 1600 the world was reborn in many ways. The Renaissance began in Italy, especially in art and architecture in the 15th century. The English Renaissance is distinct from the Italian Renaissance in several ways. For example the dominant art form of the English Renaissance was literature, while in the Italian Renaissance, painting and sculpture were more important. The Renaissance impacted not only in art, but also in philosophy, pólitics, religion as well as culture.

This presentation is divided into four parts. In philosophy we’ll discuss humanism whose main English figure is Saint Thomas More. In pólitics, we’ll center the discussion on the Tudor Monarchs and how their decisions impacted religious life. And finally, in art the dominant form was theatre and the main figure, without a doubt, is William Shakespeare. Sigue leyendo