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Colonialism A European Way To Expand

By: Cristian Sánchez-Bayton Griffith

Introduction (Colonialism a European Way To Expand CRSITIAN)

Definition of Colonialism

A policy by which a nation maintains or extends its control over dependant nations or people.

Colonialism has always been present throughout our history.The Greeks and the Romans both had colonies, which they dominated by establishing military posts in conquered territory.

From the end of the 15th century Spain and Portugal dominated European colonialism. During the Age of Discovery, Spain and Portugal pioneered European exploration of the globe and established large overseas empires.

During the 16th and 17th centuries three European powers (United Provinces-Holland , Great Britain and France) turned their eyes outside their borders and joined Spain and Portugal in their colonial pursuits. Commercial power was the main driving factor in colonialism during this period. As new colonial nations emerged the 1700s saw a brief balance of power in Europe where no nation dominated the other.

But the events of this century would upset this balance so that by the end of the century Great Britain would become the leading naval, commercial and colonial power. Sigue leyendo